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Adventures of Lhüsaku And Other Stories

Adventures of Lhüsaku and other stories

  • Written by : Agnes Tepa
  • Description : “What do you want to be when you grow up? Lhüsaku promptly replied, “I want to become a cowboy!” His uncle burst into laughter at his reply. Lhüsaku didn’t understand why his uncle found his reply very silly because he didn’t know that cowboys were the class of people who were looked down in his society. Becoming a cowboy was the worst job anybody could take up in his village. And the kind of cowboys he read about in his comic books didn’t really exist where he lived.
  • About the writer : Agnes Tepa is a University Gold Medalist, a recipient of Governor’s Gold Medal, and also the first recipient of Mayangnokcha Award Trust North East Running Trophy. She is a teacher by profession and enjoys travelling, cooking, gardening and reading, and lives in Kohima. 
  •  Format : Paperback
  • Language : English


Seller: Penthrill Publication House


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