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Trailblazer : A Biography

Trailblazer : A Biography (T. Imdong Phom)

  • Authors : Imti Longchar and Talilula
  • Description : Born during an era when Naga society was spinning on an axis of transformations that would change life as they knew it, Imdong’s biography captures many significant historical moments of the Naga collective. His timeline encompasses popularly known milestones of Naga history in the 20th century, from the early days of Christian proselytisation, the advent of education, the second World War, the rise of Naga nationalism, Indian independence, Naga statehood the growing modernisation of Naga society. Mostly importantly, his story also sheds light on the lesser known facets of the Phom community; their history, culture and traditions.
  • On the personal front, Imdong’s journey in life is one that speaks of true grit, perseverance and passion. Throughout his life, he has overcome all the obstacles thrown in his path to get to where he is. Imdong has made immense contributions to Phom community in terms of educational advancement and social change. Imdong’s life is an inspiring story of trailblazing accomplishments, one that would surely leave a deep impression on the readers.
  • Format : Paperback
  • Language : English
Seller: Penthrill Publication House


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